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Girando per la rete ho trovato questo materiale per aumentare i soldi in pet society!!!
Sul blog ci sono altri post inerenti pet society con trucchi relativi per aumentare le monete. Cercate l'etichetta pet society nel blog, oppure date un occhiata nel menu' a destra!!!

Peccato che e' in inglese!!!
A voi la traduzione!!

Winning Stadium Races : 30 Coins per win, 10 races per day (when the starter guy blinks, go, don't wait for the flag).

Visit Friends (tell a joke when you walk in, then walk out of the house, then walk back in and tell the joke again), 5 paw points every time you do this, no limit (this gets you the Viziar of Visits Trophy (50 friend visits) and the Social Whirlwind Trophy (300 visits to friends).

Search all Trees in map, coins about

Buying Food, the cheapest food (5 coins) gets you one paw point, best deal on the game. Usually its 50 coins per paw point on everything else.

But the fastest way to level up, buy ONLY small mystery boxes at the furniture store, then go to your house, open them, and then resell them all. Most of the time you'll break even or lose some, sometimes you get a medium mystery box in one of them and get lucky. Either way, you gain 2 paw points for every box you buy, and after you resell them all, you can go back to the furniture shop and do it again, over and over. But this way you will gain the Mall Rat Trophy (spend 3000 coins), and the Big Spender Trophy (spend 10000 coins) pretty easily and level up fast. This only works with the small mystery boxes since they sell for 50, and some of the items inside sell for 66.