Trucchi msn : Msn Bot ; un robot virtuale che parla al posto tuo !!!

Con questo fantastico script potrete creare un robot virtuale che chatta con i vostri amici anche se non siete al computer!!!

Il seguente script è scaricabile da questo indirizzo

Configurable interface which allows you to setup messages to autoreply to, or execute / Plus! commands. Messages can be set to work only for you, your contact, or both. There are also several types of options for matching. Fragments(Word or part of word), Word, Sentence, or RegEx. Other options include case sensitivity, multiple matches, or multiline matches. You can enable/disable items through checkmarks next to it. Optional ability to have sequential replies or random replies with the use of a | (pipe). Has status dependancy so you may pick which statuses you want to reply on.

Go to your MsgPlus/Scripts/Answering Machine Plus folder and copy your Config.xml to a different location. Once youve done that install the new version and copy your xml back to the folder. Will update the format of the file automatically, and restore your Rules.

--Fixed a bug which caused the bot to answer incorrectly.

--Little cleanup and stuff
--Delay functions per item, and global
--Added tooltips for most things

--Added Status ability, by default it works on all statuses,but you may pick which ones you want to reply on.
--Each Window is restricted to a single instance as I doubt youll ever need to edit two configs at the same time.
--Fixed bug where over 8 reply rules would crash you.
--Now breaks its looping once a reply is sent instead of checking for more replies
--Probably a few other bugs fixed

How to use this script:
- Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
- Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.
- Click on the Messenger Plus! logo in your contactlist.
- Click on Answering Machine Plus, and select Configure Answers.


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