Cheats for Pet Society Facebook / How to do coin in Pet Society

Don't you have coin in Pet Society?
Well! Read this guide and has more points and coins!

1) Visit every day their neighbors will receive 20 coins for the first 50 friends you have, 10 coins for friends from 50th to 70th, and 5 coins to neighbors over 70th.
2) Every day you can do 10 races in the stadium (30 tokens a race won) and occasionally clicking on bananas you get a token.
3) winning trophies (50 or 100 chips), some are easy to type tot visits or spending money in stores.
4) Leave your home and make the rounds of the district going to shake the trees, occasionally drop a coin.
5) Clean your pet and that of others, even with the brush as well as with the soap.
6) Groped the fortune betting races in other pet and if we win, earning twice the money wagered.
7) Playing with the rope, with the ball and the fresbee (for example with the rope every six jumps earns a coin).
8) Every time it starts the game, the first animal friend who is going to find, increases by 5 points. The trick lies in 'open the game, go and find a pet friend, take 5 points and then quit, then again, restart the game, etc. ..
9) brushing your pet or that of a friend, you receive two currencies and 7 points.
10) 17 points each time you eat your pet.