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giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

Trucchi Cityville 3 with charles

Trucchi Farmville
ʞooqǝɔɐɟ ns ɐɹdosoʇʇos ǝɹǝʌıɹɔs ɐ ɐʌoɹd

Prova il Cityville Bot

Vi serve
Mozilla firefox
Charles Debugger

Potete trovarli utilizzando la barra di ricerca di google in alto al blog

Open Charles
Enter CityVille
Go to Charles first and find the line "http://fb-client-0.cityville.zynga.com"
Expand it and you will see 'flashservices/'
Expand and you will see a lot of gateway.php(FlashService...)
Right click any of the gateway.php and select "Breakpoints"
Now, reload CityVille.
A Breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
Press EXECUTE once. 
Another breakpoint will appear with an Edit Request tab
Expand everything till you can see your own profile with the number of coins and cash that you have. (watch video to understand this step better)
Change the cash value to 100
Go back to your session tab and remove the breakpoint.
Go back to the breakpoint tab and Click Execute 
The game will now load and you should see your new cash. Spend them on the community buildings now as they will disappear.

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

it says browser disconnected and refresh the game... then i have nothing i had after the hack...

Anonimo ha detto...

ies, tha same for me

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