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sabato 19 giugno 2010

Trucchi Safari Kingdom Facebook

To download Charles Debugging Tool http://www.charlesproxy.com/download/

  • Open Charles

  • Enter Safari Kingdom 

  • You will see the url "http://ec2-204-236-202-158.compute-1.amazonaws.com"

  • Expand the line > Expand "safari/"

  • Now breed any animal. 

  • Wait for the HEARTBREAK icon to appear above the animal.

  • Click on the animal with this 'heartbreak' icon

  • Check Charles, you should see a line "DoAnimalAction?uid=........."

  • Click on the line, check the Text tab in the Response tab

  • You should see the last line xp_earned with a value of 10.

  • This is the line you want! So now right click this "DoAnimalAction?uid=....." and select Repeat Advanced

  • Iterations 10000 Concurrency 30

  • Do other stuff for 5-10minutes and let the 10k iterations run out. 

  • Once all 10k completed, just refresh the game and enjoy your new level and coins. Have fun!

  • Trucchi Farmville
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